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Up Down Ya-Ya-yah!

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Welcome to Up Down Ya-Ya-yah! - a community dedicated to the Johnny's entertainment junior group Ya-Ya-yah! Please see the rules after joining the community and if there's anything bothering your mind, just ask the mod luma_chan or the co-mods atarashiiyoake or sasuke2itachi3 ^_^

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About Ya-Ya-yah

Ya-Ya-yah is a boy idol group of Johnny's Entertainment which was originated from the four member group YA-YA formed in 2001, composed of the four members of Yabu Kota, Ayukawa Taiyo, Yamashita Shoon and Akama Naoya. Soon another three members were added to the group: Yoshida Yuuki, Ando Yasuhiro and Hoshino Masaki and the name was changed into Ya-Ya-yah as we know it now. However, Yoshida and Ando had already left the group before the release of their CD in 2002. After that the five remaining members were Yabu Kota (薮宏太), Akama Naoya (赤間直哉), Yamashita Shoon (山下翔央), Ayukawa Taiyo (鮎川太陽) & Hoshino Masaki (星野正樹). They have released one double single Yuuki 100%/Sekai ga Hitotsu ni Naru made (勇気100%/世界がひとつになるまで) in 2002.

In the year 2003 Ya-Ya-yah got a new member, Yaotome Hikaru (八乙女光) - although during most of that year he was referred as a Johnny's Junior rather than a member of Ya-Ya-yah even though he was with the group most of the time and was a regular at their TV show from the start - who with Yabu, Shoon and Taiyo performed in a musical Stand By Me during that summer and the next one. The other two members, Akama and Hoshino did not have parts in the musical. Hoshino quit JE in 2004. Akama was removed from Ya-Ya-yah and he became a regular junior again, until he also quit JE. I have no confirmed information about the reasons for their quitting but for most ex-JE boys, especially the younger ones is simply that they want to be able to concentrate on school more (and as for why Akama was moved back to juniors, that's just something JE decided to do).

Ya-Ya-yah has had their own TV show since the beginning of 2003 and the show airs every week. The last episode aired 27th of October, 2007 after it was replaced with the new Johnny's show Hi!Hey!Say! The boys had their first own live concert January 2005 at Yokohama arena!

Ya-Ya-yah was broken up late 2007 when JE created the new group to debut, Hey!Say!JUMP. Yabu and Hikaru were moved as members to the new debuting group, while Shoon and Taiyo stayed as juniors. For more information of HSJ please check the brother community hey_say.

Why the name Ya-Ya-yah

It comes from the original members' names. Yabu Kota, Ayukawa Taiyo, Yamashita Shoon, Akama Naoya, Yoshida Yuuki, Ando Yasuhiro and Hoshino Masaki.

Where can I see/hear Ya-Ya-yah?

Ya-Ya-yah is no longer an existing group, but you can see the boys appear on Shounen Club, a Johnny's Entertainment music program that airs every second and third Sunday of the month. Ya-Ya-yah used to have their own TV show Ya-Ya-yah that aired every week. Yabu and Hikaru host the new show that replaced Ya-Ya-yah show. The new show is called Hi!Hey!Say! More info about Yabu and Hikaru show appearances after the creation of HSJ please check hey_say.

Original Ya-Ya-yah Songs

2 of Us
合言葉はYa-Ya-yah! (Ai kotoba wa Ya-Ya-yah!)
憧れのEgoist (Akogare no Egoist) [Hikaru's solo]
Angel Come To Me (Yabu's solo)
嵐のカーニバル (Arashi no Carnival) [Yabu's solo]
未来へ (Asu e) [Yabu's solo]
新しい夜明け (Atarashii Yoake) [Hikaru's solo]
Baby Babe
Bad☆Nice [Shoon's solo]
ジェントルズ (Gentles) [Hikaru's solo]
ひまわりのメロディ (Himawari no Melody)
いま進もう (Ima Susumou)
愛しのプレイガール (Itoshi no Playgirl)
Jewel Star
Just wanna lovin' you
風に乗って (Kaze ni Notte)
LET'S GO! いいことあるさ (LET'S GO! Ii koto aru sa)
LOVE together 2002*
真夜中のAnswer (Mayonaka no Answer) [Yabu's solo]
Never Stop the Music
Singin' for you
サマー×サマー×サマー! (Summer x Summer x Summer)
手をつないでゆこう (Te wo Tsunaide Yukou)
To The Freedom
Up Down Ya-Ya-yah

勇気100% (Yuuki 100%) is not included to the list because even though the song was on the CD, it's a song that was originally released by 光GENJI, making it a cover song, not original Ya-Ya-yah song. The song was sung by Ya-Ya-yah on the CD as the opening song for the anime 忍たま乱太郎 (Nintama Rantarou).

世界がひとつになるまで (Sekai ga hitotsu ni naru made) is not included to the list because even though the song was on the CD, I haven't gotten any real confirmation of it's origin. YA-YA sang it with Tackey on Music Station in February 2002 at least, I don't remember if there are earlier performances of it by some other juniors so it might just be a Japanese children song redone by JE (like Te no hira wo Taiyo ni which has been done into different versions by both JE and wFL at least). The song was sung by Ya-Ya-yah on the CD as the ending song for the anime 忍たま乱太郎 (Nintama Rantarou).

*Love Together has been sung by other juniors before Ya-Ya-yah (the earliest I can remember myself in episode 13 of Hadaka no Shounen, 2001.07.07) even though LOVE together 2002 as a Ya-Ya-yah song... The chorus of the songs is the same at least. (It was rewritten for Ya-Ya-yah..?)

Member Information

Yabu Kota 薮宏太
Kota Yabu

Nickname: Yabu-chan, Yabucchi, Yappi-, Kou-chan (childhood nickname)
Birthday: 1990.01.31
Zodiac: Aquarius
Hometown: Kanagawa
Family: 1 older sister & 2 older brothers

Height: 175cm
Weight: 50kg
Blood type: A
Shoe size: 26.5cm

Admired senpai: Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN), Domoto Koichi (Kinki Kids)
Admired person: Johnny Depp
Collects: CDs
Favorite color: red
Disliked color: blue
Favorite food: curry rice, oden, boiled fish
Favorite dish: Hiyayakko
Disliked food: tomatoes, cucumber, greenpeach
Favorite sport: soccer
Favorite taste: sour things
Favorite subject: English
Weak subject Mathematics
Favorite animal: newborn kittens
Hobby: listening music
Speciality: soccer
Good point: can concentrate for a short amount of time
Weak point: can't concentrate for a long amount of time

Favorite type of girl: cute, not too loud
Country I want to go to: Europe, Spain
Country I have been to: America, Hawaii, Taiwan, Thailand

If you were reborn, would you like to be a man or a woman: woman (would wanna try it)

Drama/Stage info:
Taiyou no Kisetsu drama (2002)
Stand By Me musical (2003-2004)
Dream Boy musical (2004)
Kinpachi Sensei drama 7 (2004-2005)


Show: Ya-Ya-yah (regular), Hyakushiki (guest)

Current JE Unit: Hey!Say!JUMP

Yaotome Hikaru 八乙女光
Yaotome Hikaru

Nickname: Hikka (childhood nickname)
Birthday: 1990.12.02
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Hometown: Miyagi

Height: 172cm
Weight: 50kg
Blood type: O
Shoe size: 27.5cm

Admired person: Justin Timberlake
Collects: car mags
Favourite color: all brown colors, black, white, blue
Disliked color: purple
Favorite food: wasabi (meaning any kind of wood that was prepared with wasabi)
Favorite dish: soba miso boil
Disliked food: none
Favorite subject: Heath class (knowing about your body and dailu things is important)
Weak subject: geography
Favorite animal: dogs (but not ones that bark a lot)
Favorite sport: soccer, baseball
Favorite taste: spicy things (the hotter the better)
Hobby: reading car mags, listening music
Speciality: handstanding, dancing
Attractive feature: double tooth
Good point: getting along with all kinds of people
Bad point: Spaces out a lot

Favorite type of girl: girl with spirit, short, girl who's able to lift the atmosphere
Country I want to go to: Guam
Country I have been to: Hawaii, Thailand, Las Vegas

If you were reborn, would you like to be a man or a woman: man (being a woman seems too troublesome XD)

Drama/Stage info:
Stand By Me musical (2003-2004)
Kinpachi Sensei drama 7 (2004-2005)

Show: Ya-Ya-yah (regular), YOUtachi! (regular)

Current JE Unit: Hey!Say!JUMP

Yamashita Shoon 山下翔央
Yamashita Shoon

Nickname: Shot, Yama, Shoon, Koon-kun (by his classmates) Mayo (childhood nickname)
Birthday: 1988.12.20
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Hometown: Tokyo
Family: 1 younger brother (Reon, who joined juniors in 2006)

Height: 172cm
Weight: 51kg
Blood type: A
Shoe size: 28cm

Admired senpai: Morita Go (V6), Matsumoto Jun (Arashi)
Admired person: Tom Hanks
Favorite color: brown, red, white, (sea) blue
Disliked color: yellow
Favorite food: eel, omelette, eggs, hamburger
Favorite dish: Natto
Disliked food: mushrooms (all kinds)
Favorite subject: ethics (is able to understand it the best), history, PE, arts
Weak subject: mathematics
Favorite animal: Deep sea fish
Favorite sport: boxing (when watching!)
Favorite taste: Fruitlike (fresh) sweetness
Hobby: playing basketball, watching movies, playing bass
Speciality: Drinking tea and guessing the brand by taste (favorite brand Oasis)
Bad habit: touching forelock
Good point: determined, when starts cleaning won't stop
Weak point: bad sense of direction, messes up room imidiately again
Dream: traveling

Favorite type of girl: a quiet girl
Country I want to go to: French countryside
Country I have been to: Hawaii, New York Thailand

If you were reborn, would you like to be a man or a woman: man (having no problems being a man right now XD)

Drama/Stage info:
Stand By Me musical (2003-2004)
West Side Story musical (2004)
Satomi Hakkenden drama (2006)


Show: Ya-Ya-yah (regular), Hyakushiki (guest)

Current JE Unit: none (although appears with his brother in magazines, and with other juniors in Shounen Club etc)

Ayukawa Taiyo 鮎川太陽
Ayukawa Taiyo

Nickname: Ayu, Taiyo, Taa-kun (childhood nickname)
Birthday: 1991.01.18
Zodiac: Capricorn
Hometown: Tokyo
Family: 1 younger sister (Tsuki)
Pet: a dog

Height: 185cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood type: B
Shoe size: 28.5cm

Admired senpai: Nagase Tomoya(Tokio)
Collects: lucky stones, candy
Favorite color: black
Favorite food: peaches
Favorite dish: Iwanori
Disliked food: eyes
Favorite subject: PE, Mathematics
Weak subject: social studies (politics, geography etc)
Favorite animal: penguing
Favorite sport: billiards
Favorite taste: really spicy things
Hobby: listening music (any music is fine)
Speciality: cleaning up own room
Good point: able to reach places because is so tall
Bad point: often doesn't continue something he's doing because there are so many things he wants to do
Bad habit: sleeps too much
Dream: traveling

Favorite type of girl: girl I can relax with when we're together
Country I want to go to: Korea
Country I have been to: Hawaii, New York

If you were reborn, would you like to be a man or a woman: man (being a woman seems troublesome for some reason)

Drama/Stage info:
Stand By Me musical (2003-2004)
Kinpachi Sensei drama 7 (2004-2005)


Show: Ya-Ya-yah (regular), Hyakushiki (guest)

Current JE Unit: none (Taiyo quit JE soon after Ya-Ya-yah was dispatched)

Note that this info is very old...

Akama Naoya 赤間直哉
Akama Naoya

Nickname: Akama-chan, Naoya
Birthday: 1991.04.05
Zodiac: Aries
Birthplace: Tokyo
Family: 1 older brother

Blood type: B

Admired person: Sakurai Sho (ARASHI), Yamashita Tomohisa (NEWS)
Favorite food: bean, natto
Disliked food: persimmon
Favorite sport: football and gymnastic
Hobby: playing Japanese drum
Weak point: shy
Dream: traveling

Hoshino Masaki 星野正樹
Hoshina Masaki

Birthday: 1987.10.10
Zodiac: Libra
Birthplace: Tokyo
Family: 1 older brother
Pet: a dog (May)

Height: 173cm
Weight: 53kg
Blood type: A

Favorite subject: history
Likes: noodles
Dislikes: cockroaches, cigarette smoke
Weak point: sleepy
Talent: playing GO
Dream: to be a good actor like Domoto Tsuyoshi

Ando Yasuhiro 安藤靖浩

Yoshida Yuuki 吉田雄基

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